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Social Media with Intention: 3 Tips for a Stellar Social Media Presence

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Social Media presence is a must for professionals these days, and learning to leverage your online sphere can make your business. Social Media strategies can be complex, but they should all start with the 3 P’s: Keeping it Positive, Professional, and Personal. Implementing these basic rules can easily set you apart from competitors and increase your perceived success while helping you to avoid the pitfalls of INTERNET INFAMY.

Keep It Positive

Positivity is key! Why? Because people don’t want to be around someone who brings them down. This one really isn’t rocket science. Facebook is NOT a diary, so keep all of that anger and frustration for your therapist. People want to see HAPPY things, and PRETTY things, and SUCCESS STORIES. So give your people what they WANT. Posting negative messages, whether on your own page or in comments, can damage your reputation, lead to unfollows, or result in your audience ignoring you completely.

Act Like a Professional

This kind of goes along with the first “P”. Rants, bad reviews, and venting about clients or other businesses can feel great at the time, but they are BIG no-no’s if you want people to buy what you’re selling. Think it’s ok because it’s your personal page? WRONG. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to social media, so consider yourself to be on stage 100% of the time.

Think of it from the perspective of your target audience. Who would you rather do business with: someone who is constantly celebrating life, their own success, and the success of others? Or someone who complains about their client showing up late for the 2nd time in a row? It makes you wonder what they’ll say about you! Losing your cool can make you look overly emotional, rash, and lacking good judgement. Who wants to do business with someone like that?

Be a professional who shows up in the cyber world as an authority on her business. Be there to solve a problem for people and to help others. Log in, drop some serious knowledge, show everyone you know what you’re talking about, and add VALUE.

A Little Personal Goes a Long Way

This is one that requires a little finesse. By "Personal", I mean AUTHENTIC. Sharing something funny that happened to you, or posting about a hobby is great. It shows your audience that you’re human and have real life interests just like them.

Fitness fanatic? Great! Really into food? Awesome! Share your interests with the world, but keep it curated. Having one or two main topics to post about in addition to your business is the way to go, otherwise your audience may get confused and see your posts as oversharing. You want them to think that you’re the Realtor who’s also really into rock climbing, or the restaurant owner who volunteers with the animal shelter in your spare time.

Doing this can actually help your business, as people naturally gravitate to others with their own interests. Just make sure not to overshare, as that can scare people off.

You're Doing Great!

Ideally, you want to portray yourself as a positive person, who loves her job and the community around her. Remember, the idea is to attract people to you, and people do business with those that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

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