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Benefits to Selling your Home in the Fall

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Warm weather months might be a more popular time for home sellers to venture into the housing market, but selling your home in the cooler months is still a possibility. In fact, it may be a GREAT time to sell. Here are a few benefits to selling in the Fall.

1. Buyers are more serious

A spring market bring out lots of potential buyers, but plenty of those end up without a home. Spring markets are stressful for buyers: homes are listed high, they face competition from other potential buyers, and there are so many options that they can become overwhelmed. For many, buying in the Fall is a more pleasant experience. You can expect Fall buyers to be financially prepared to purchase, more decisive, and realistic in their expectations.These are the buyers who have thought about their purchase and planned it out in detail.

2. Less competition from other listings

Fewer homes on the market can help your home stand out. You won't have to compete on price with as many other homes in your area, and your marketing efforts go further. Knowing that potential buyers have fewer options can also put you in a better negotiating position. A home that is in good condition, priced appropriately, and marketed well should have no problem selling this time of year.

3. A quicker transaction

Everyone involved in the home buying process can be very busy in Spring. Lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, and contractors can easily extend the length of time it takes to get to the closing table. Turn around time for these services can be much faster in a less busy time of year.

Also consider that buyers in the Fall are not planning their moves around vacations or school schedules. It's more likely that they are eager to get into their new home before the holidays, so timelines for closing are often on a tighter schedule.

4. Cooler weather makes for better curb appeal

This is the perfect time of year for showing off your outdoor spaces, especially in the South. It's hard for buyers to appreciate the perfect patio when local temps are topping 95 degrees. With a little maintenance and Fall decor, it's not difficult to create a major amount of curb appeal.

Thinking about Buying a home in the Fall?

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