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4 Hacks to Help You Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It’s Springtime, and you know what that means! The housing market here in Charleston is heating up. We enjoy a healthy market year round, but once spring hits, it seems like EVERYONE is ready to buy or sell a home.

But that doesn’t mean that your home is guaranteed to sell right away. Many homeowners put their homes on the market expecting an immediate sale, only to be disappointed when it’s still on the market after several showings. So what’s the problem? Many factors can affect the sale of a home, including location and price point.  According to the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, the average days on market for a home in 2018 was 55 days. Keep in mind, this is only an AVERAGE. While many homes sell their first week on the market, there are just as many that take a couple of months. So how do you make sure your home sells quickly? Check out these tips below!

Hack #1: Pricing Right from the Start

Pricing your home right from the start is crucial! Pricing needs to be done by a professional, and it needs to take into consideration recently sold properties in the area, condition of the home, and any other current market trends in your area. Pricing the home within your target buyer’s price bracket is also a good idea. For example, listing a home at $249K rather than $253K could get you a much quicker sale because you’re allowing your home to be found in searches up to $250K, which is where more buyers are looking.  Not as many people search for homes above that range, so you will likely see more showings at the lower price. Yes, you’re leaving money on the table, but the difference is made up between a home that sells in 7 days vs. 3 months. And always remember that your home is only really worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Hack #2: Condition of the Home

This one can be tricky, as decor and style of the home come into play. In general, a home needs to be in good condition to sell quickly. That means it needs to be clean and in good repair, with a fairly updated aesthetic. Your average buyer is already coming out of pocket quite a bit just to purchase the home, so having to make a lot of immediate repairs or changes can be discouraging. If your home isn’t in good condition, than the price needs to reflect that. Alternatively, improving your home prior to it being listed can help it sell for a higher price. Updates like new paint and new carpet go a long way. Even switching out old appliances for basic yet new ones can bring in a much higher offer. Look at your home through the buyer’s eyes and decide what you would want to get for that price.

Hack #3: Curb Appeal is Real

The old adage of not judging a book by it’s cover, unfortunately does not translate into the real estate world. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, whether in person or online. A clean, nicely landscaped yard can make or break a listing, and several studies show that in terms of home improvements, landscaping gets you the most bang for your buck. An unkempt yard can signal to the buyer that the home requires too much upkeep.

Hack #4: High Quality Photos

This one is big. In my humble opinion, photography is the LEAST an agent can do for a listing. It's frustrating to see homes listed with just one picture of the home or a handful of poorly lit pictures taken with a phone. You are paying a person to sell your home, they should be providing you with professional looking pictures of your home. Over 80% of homebuyers begin their search online, and those pictures are the first impression. As an agent, when I look through MLS for a client and see a home with poor quality photos or only 1 photo I think 2 things: 1. Why on Earth do agents like this even get business? I could do their job sooooo much better. AND 2. I don’t really want to waste my time or my client’s time going to look at a home that we can’t even preview online. The absence of photos make me think that there is something seriously wrong with the house and that the listing agent doesn’t want to show a major flaw online.

So there you have it! Seems simple right?

While these tips can get you a long way towards selling your home, the selling process is actually pretty complex. From pre-listing, to listing, to negotiating with buyers, and preparing for closing, there is a lot more to think about. That’s where I come in! Seriously though, even if you don’t hire me to sell your home, do yourself a favor and hire another experienced Realtor who knows the market like the back of her hand. Choosing the right person for the job will ultimately save you stress, time, and money. Happy Selling!

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