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Welcome! I’m Kara Hicks, a Realtor in Charleston, SC.


My goal is to add value to your world by bringing you tips and updates on the Charleston, SC real estate market. I have worked in Real Estate for over four years now, and I use my years of experience in the Hospitality Industry to provide stellar customer service and personalized experiences for all of my real estate clients. Check out my Introduction post to read more about my background and journey into Real Estate and Blogging.


Charleston is an absolutely beautiful place to live, and I want to do my best to share it with others. When I’m not working, I can usually be found networking, building my second business as a social media consultant, dining in one of the city’s amazing restaurants, or taking walk through any one of our gorgeous neighborhoods. My life is all about being a Realtor, a Dog Mom, a Food Lover, and an Entrepreneur...in no particular order. Thanks for reading!


About Me

Charleston, SC Realtor, Social Media Consultant, Dog Mom, Food Lover, Life Enthusiast, and Entrepreneur...in no particular order.


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